3rd – 5th July 2017
The Barbican


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John Baguley

Should you go to the IoF Convention?

: John Baguley

CEO of International Fundraising Consultancy, John Baguley, explains why you should attend this year's Convention, and asks... what's next for fundraising?

Helen Pert

“You have got to be kidding, I don’t have time for networking and career development!”

: Helen Pert

How many times have you told yourself this? Convention Board member Helen Pert explains how she can relate, and why July is the perfect time to break the habit.

Liz Tait

The fundraising sector’s sense of community seems greater than ever before – let’s keep inspiring

: Liz Tait

Liz Tait, Chair of the Fundraising Convention Board, discusses how sharing new ideas has inspired innovation across the sector, which is vital to engaging donors and supporting beneficiaries.

Amy Sweeting

You've got skills, they're multiplying

: Amy Sweeting

To work in fundraising requires a special kind of person. You’ve already got so many incredible skills; commitment, communication, creativity, the ability to build and maintain a relationship. But even the best fundraisers need to stretch their comfort zone sometimes.

Paul Marvell

Fundraising Convention 2016- an ex-staffer’s impression

: Paul Marvell

Having worked at the IoF as Director of Professional Development and Membership and overseen six Conventions during that time, it might be expected that Paul Marvell would view the 2016 Convention with a critical eye. But Paul reports an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Helen Pert

Start your meaningful conversations about philanthropy at this year’s Fundraising Convention

: Helen Pert

Are you going to the Fundraising Convention this year at The Barbican, to hear more about raising high value gifts? Convention Board member Helen Pert shares what she is looking forward to this year…

Dominic Cotton

Young fundraisers are waiting to breathe new life into charities and the wider voluntary sector

: Dominic Cotton

…says Dominic Cotton, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the #iwill campaign.

Ceri Edwards

Brexit – what does it mean for charity fundraising?

: Ceri Edwards

Last week’s referendum saw a majority vote for the UK to leave the European Union. This is a momentous decision and we can be certain that it will have a large impact across the political, economic and social landscape.

Suzanne Treharne

From Team Member to Team Leader (and what to do if no one’s in your team)

: Suzanne Treharne

Suzanne Treharne looks back on her transition from team member to a team leader ...

Ravinol Chambers

The power of video for fundraisers

: Ravinol Chambers

If a picture can paint a thousand words, what can a video do for fundraising? Ravinol Chambers of Be Inspired Films, Fundraising Convention 2016 Official Video Partner, explores how powerful videos can really be...

Ewan Hastings

Core funding – the Shangri-la of fundraising

: Ewan Hastings

Ewan Hastings, Trust and Corporate Fundraiser at Waverley Care, shares his top tips for putting together a compelling case for core funding.

Convention Digital panel

Ask us anything….(digital)!

: Convention Digital panel

Where do you start when it comes to taking advantage of the digital opportunities available to charities? Three speakers, who will feature on a special digital-focused panel at the IoF Fundraising Convention this year, share their thoughts on some digital trends in a Q&A...

Rob Alcroft

I say, I say, I say... when is a strategy not a strategy?

: Rob Alcroft

In a world where change is the only constant, is strategy critical or irrelevant? Rob Alcroft takes a look...

Ben Petts

Boosting Brand You

: Ben Petts

Ben Petts, Community and Events fundraiser at St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, looks back on learning from last year's Convention - and the importance of boosting 'brand you'...

Gary Kernahan

Managing your fundraising talent in a (rapidly) changing world

: Gary Kernahan

Head of Regional Development at Muscular Dystrophy UK, Gary Kernahan, explores the place of talent, skills and development in achieving fundraising excellence in a fast changing world.

James Webb

The risks of getting distracted in Major Gift Fundraising

: James Webb

How do you tackle the challenges of static major gift income in a multinational organisation? James Webb, Head of Major Gifts at Oxfam reflects on his own experiences..

Lizzi Hollis

Making the most of your time

: Lizzi Hollis

As fundraisers, we often feel that we can say 'yes' to every request - but sometimes, it's good to take a breath and decide what is worth our time. Lizzi Hollis explains how we can make the most of our time and take the opportunities that come our way to benefit our cause...

Deanna Wolf

A recipe for the perfect grant application

: Deanna Wolf

Is grant fundraising as easy as baking a cake? Grants Manager Deanna Wolf shares her top tips for putting together a successful funding application.

Matt Cull

Getting ready for Convention and a new start

: Matt Cull

On Wednesday last week, the IoF Fundraising Convention Board met for the last time before this year's Fundraising Convention, which starts on Monday 4th July. I'm not sure why but I think this could be the best Convention for many years and recently they have all been excellent. It feels very exciting to be a part of. Bring it on, I say.

Rob Woods

Fundraiser resilience – raise more money by increasing your grit

: Rob Woods

Want to raise more for your cause? Rob Woods explains why it is essential for fundraisers to increasing their 'grit'

Bill King

The Dating Game - building relationships with major donors

: Bill King

Society is becoming increasingly more unequal. The latest Sunday Times Rich List may have shown a fall in the wealth of those at the very top of society, but there can be no doubt that the overall flow of money in this country, and indeed around the world, is towards the few; the 1%.

Sue Jacklin

Pursuing excellence in fundraising

: Sue Jacklin

In 2015, I was lucky to win a day pass to the IoF Fundraising Convention, courtesy of the IoF East Midlands regional group. Over three months later, on a sunny morning in July, I was on the 7am train to London for the first day of Convention.

Georgia Bridgwood

The challenges of being at a start up... and how we're meeting them head on

: Georgia Bridgwood

Working at a very new charity like MQ: Transforming Mental Health can throw up a host of hurdles for fundraisers. Georgia Bridgwood tells us how she’s navigating them.

Richard Radcliffe

Do not put the next of kin in the bin

: Richard Radcliffe

I am at a fundraising conference. The first person I meet is an amazing fundraiser. He was with a large local charity for 10 years but now runs his own company. I helped him develop (but he led) a truly great legacy campaign. He is well known so no names no pack drill.

Craig Linton

Tips to get the most from Fundraising Convention 2016

: Craig Linton

Attending Fundraising Convention is a big commitment of both time and money. You owe it to yourself and your charity to make the most of the investment. Here are some things to think about before, during and after Convention so you can be the ‘best you can be’ and make the most of the event.

Lucy Gower

Eleven secrets of confident fundraising innovators

: Lucy Gower

We all have times when we feel uncertain or lack confidence. We feel this even more frequently when we push ourselves to do something new or unknown. This means that innovation is a hotbed for crashes of confidence. The most successful innovators are the ones who deliberately work on their own confidence levels.

Rob Woods

Focus is Power

: Rob Woods

In 2014, I interviewed Louise Parkes, Director of Fundraising at British Heart Foundation to find out how her events team had completely transformed the Return on Investment (ROI) they achieve on every event in their portfolio.

Sarah Jane O'Neill

Major donors make major role models

: Sarah Jane O'Neill

It’s 8.55 am and I’m in a school hall in South East London. The last time I saw the inside of an assembly was 1989 and although the hairstyles have evolved, the energy in the room is instantly recognisable.

Liz Tait

It’s time to tackle the sector’s challenges, and explore its opportunities

: Liz Tait

Around now tends to be the time of year when we reflect on the year gone by and look forward to the year ahead. And sitting around the table talking about the highlights of 2015 with the Tait family, I admit nothing can quite compare with the joy of spending maternity leave with my little girl, although on a work level there were some major highs and lows too.