Nikki Bell

Fundraising Consultant

Keda Consulting

 1. Why did you decide you wanted to be on the board?

I wanted to join the Board as I felt strongly about the representation of smaller charities and regional fundraisers in the sessions and ideas presented. I am part of the North East Institute of Fundraising Committee and my role is to organise the region’s fundraising conference; through this I hear from the most amazing fundraisers doing fantastic things in charities we don’t get to hear from often (they’re usually tiny teams with not a lot of free time to shout about it!). 


2. What are you going to bring to the Board?  

Through these connections I will be able to bring fresh voices to Fundraising Convention for you to learn from. In my application I highlighted my working class background; I felt this was important as I have first-hand experience of charities who have different challenges to those most commonly heard from. They often rely on cash-strapped communities to gain support from – so you have to be innovative and great at relationships! 


 3. What are you looking forward to about this year’s Fundraising Convention?

For 2019’s event I’m looking forward to experiencing the blend of everyone’s talents coming together in carefully curated tracks and sessions; there’s been lots of talk and focus on inclusivity which I know will deliver a Fundraising Convention for everyone.