Husne Begum

Development Manager

Birmingham Museums Trust 

Husne has been working in the sector since 2002. She started her career working for a small community organisation as the sole fundraiser/project manager, and now heads up the Development Team at Birmingham Museums. She is currently beginning work on two major capital projects including a new museum store & headquarters, and the redevelopment of the Museum for Birmingham.

 In recent years, Husne has moved into the Arts and finds the sector to be vibrant and exciting. Husne has a passion for all things Birmingham and is a keen advocate for the city.

 Husne attended the convention for the first time last year and loved it so much she joined the board! She hopes to use her experience and network to further develop the amazing work that the IoF have been doing to increase representation and diversity at Convention 2019!

1.What do you like most about being on the Board? 

2018 was the first year I attended Fundraising Convention and it was fantastic and I wondered why I never attended before – the answer is because it didn’t seem important but boy was I wrong! Later that year, I applied to join the board as soon as I saw the opportunity because I was still buzzing from everything I learned at Fundraising Convention.

One of the reasons I love being on the Board is because I have the opportunity to raise awareness of Fundraising Convention to other fundraisers like me about the benefits, such as sharing stories, attending high quality sessions, taking away real tools to help me improve my fundraising and experiencing something much larger than myself and my organisation. I’m also learning so much from my fellow board members who are extremely talented and inspirational fundraisers!


2. What do you bring to the Board? 

I’m working on the Trusts track as that is where I have the most experience. My aim is to put together sessions that provide real value and inspiration for delegates. I think that the sessions we have put together this year will give fundraisers practical tools to help them contribute towards positive change within their organisations. I hope that my experience and insight as a new board member will give some fresh perspective to this year’s Convention.


3. What are you looking forward to about this year’s Fundraising Convention? 

I’m excited to meet as many fundraisers as possible and learn from them, whether they are new into the sector, or established leaders, everyone has value to add. I’m also looking forward to seeing much wider representation amongst speakers and hopefully delegates too!