James Barker

Associate Head - Digital Engagement


 1. Why did you decide you wanted to be on the Board?

Ensuring that the fundraising workforce reflects the diverse shape of the UK right now is a priority for me in my role as a leader in the sector. The Fundraising Convention gives us an opportunity to highlight that diversity in the speakers and talks as we prepare for the premier event in the fundraising calendar. I believe there is no other event like it in the sector. I wanted to help the board to bring digital fundraising to life and show the huge impact it can have in 2019.

The future of fundraising is very much based in a digital world so the organisations who are behind have to get moving.

 2. What are you going to bring to the Board?  

After 10 years of working in digital in the charity sector, I have seen the impact of brilliant engaging content, razor sharp targeting, improved ways of working and fantastic partnerships which digital has bought to the sector – so I want to share some of that experience with you all.

I spend a lot of time meeting other people in the sector, mentoring or collaborating with other organisations and I am always so impressed by the level of openness in the sector.


3. What are you looking forward to about this year’s Fundraising Convention?

I am looking forward to a thought provoking debate of the future of fundraising in this difficult time in the sector and looking to see what interesting new projects attendees can launch after being inspired at the convention.