Joanna Hancock

joanna hancock

Head of Corporate Partnerships

CLIC Sargent

Jo is Head of Corporate Partnerships at CLIC Sargent and has over six years’ experience working in corporate partnerships including as Head of Account Management at Marie Curie. Jo previously worked in the private sector in sales and account management.

1. What do you most like about being on the Board?

 Hands down my favourite thing about being on the Board is the opportunity to meet lots of fellow fundraisers from across a wide range of charities; both those who are speaking and running sessions, the volunteers that make convention so special and all the delegates.

This year is my third year as a Fundraising Convention Board member and I’ve certainly become a better fundraiser in that time having had the opportunity to take a step back from the day job and get inspiration and ideas from the way others are working.

Having worked in the private sector previously it always delights me to see how collaborative we are and how willing people are to share best practice, be open about challenges and explore new ideas. Fundraising Convention is definitely a great forum for this.

2. What do you bring to the Board?

I’ve worked in corporate partnerships for over 6 years now so I have some fairly good experience of working with a range of corporate organisations and have seen how partnerships have and are changing. I’ve definitely found that this helps to make sure we plan a really exciting track for delegates, identifying the hottest topics and sourcing some great speakers for them.

Corporate partnerships are certainly my passion and an area of fundraising I love the most and I work hard to make sure all our sessions will really inspire and excite those attending, whether they are in corporate fundraising already or considering a move.

3. What are you looking forward to about this year’s Fundraising Convention?

For me, the 2018 Fundraising Convention was the best year ever. There was so much energy throughout the 3 days so we’ve got a big challenge ahead of us so make 2019 even better  but we have some great sessions lined up to do that already).

In the corporate partnerships track we are speaking to some really brilliant CSR experts from private sector organisations so we can get their perspective.

We also really want to use convention this year to challenge ourselves as fundraisers to up our game when it comes to our ambition as a sector for growth through corporate partnerships in the future.