Luke Mallet

Associate Director - Supporter Engagement

CLIC Sargent

 1.What do you most like about being on the Board?

It is great to work alongside a passionate team of volunteers from across our sector, helping to shape and curate Europe’s largest professional fundraising event. But most of all it’s great to work with the speakers - as a Board we have the privilege of seeing the sessions develop and working with those who are presenting to develop their sessions.

It is great to see the talent that comes to the fore at Fundraising Convention and particularly to work with first time Fundraising Convention speakers.

 2. What do you bring to the Board?

I bring to the Board quite a few  well probably close to twenty – years' experience of managing fundraising in a range of charities, small and large, and of attending Fundraising Convention both as a delegate and a speaker.

Alongside Nikki Bell,  I have been curating the Community, Events and Volunteering track again this year. I’ve led community and events fundraising teams for over 10 years – first at the British Heart Foundation, and over the last three years as part of my role at CLIC Sargent.

I bring a passion for relationship fundraising and a love of thinking and challenging how we can create and develop stand out experiences for our supporters, that will grow and deepen their connection to our causes.

I’m also a huge advocate of identifying and developing our rising fundraising talent, and away from Fundraising Convention I volunteer as a mentor with the Tony Elischer Foundation.

3. What are you looking forward to about this year’s Convention?

Fundraising Convention is a fantastic thing. I always come away from Convention (very) tired, but also fired up with enthusiasm about the profession we are all part of.

I am hoping that Fundraising Convention this year will be the most diverse yet – it will be great to hear and learn from voices we don’t always hear. I love the Fundraising Awards – it’s a night not to miss where we come together as a sector to celebrate some great fundraisers and fundraising.

 Most of all though, I am looking forward to the Community, Events and Volunteering track. I am, of course, biased though! From panels on strategy and leadership, to sessions looking at global case studies, innovation, collaboration, integrating community fundraising with capital appeals – just to name a few – it should be a great three days of content from a wide range of charities from across the UK and further afield. Hopefully see you there!