Matthew Cull

matthew cull


Matt Cull Consulting

1. What do you most like about being on the Board?

I like being part of the team that creates the best development programme for fundraisers in the UK each year. Every year we create something amazing that challenges, informs and inspires. We provide a platform for the best and newest speakers to share their insights into how the whole fundraising sector can do bigger and better things. 


2. What do you bring to the Board?

I have 20 years’ experience of fundraising. I have worked across many causes and in every single discipline of fundraising. I believe I am one of only a few fundraisers in the country who has worked in every field of income generation. Every year I learn new things in all sorts of different fields. I always feel excited that there is more to learn and more to share. 

3. What are you looking forward to about this year’s Fundraising Convention?

I am looking forward to seeing new speakers. New talent in fundraising is always a great thing to see. The Bigger Picture track offers such a range of subject matter, all of which influences how teams can improve and how the sector can respond to the ever changing wider world that affects fundraising teams across the country.