Sarah Eite

Sarah Eite

Fundraising Consultant

Sarah Eite has spent over 20 years working in the high value fundraising field.

 1. What do you most like about being on the Board?

Being on the Board is my opportunity to give back to a sector that I love being a part of. I can play a part in ensuring that Fundraising Convention offers a varied and high quality programme that will inspire fundraisers from charities of all sizes and cause areas to deliver the best results possible for their organisations.

I volunteer on the Partnerships track because I have a real passion for the value that companies can bring to the voluntary sector. Fundraising Convention helps to showcase some of the fantastic work and millions of pounds that are delivered through corporate partnerships, hopefully providing the tools and inspiration for fundraisers right across the country.


 2. What do you bring to the Board?

I’ve been working in fundraising for 20 years and have worked on all sides of the fence when it comes to Corporate Partnerships: in charities ranging in size from £3 million to £200 million, at a CR agency where I worked directly on the corporate side with CR professionals to shape and deliver their charity partnerships, and latterly as a Consultant supporting a wide range of charities to maximise returns from their high value fundraising.

In my current job, I work directly with lots of fundraisers in many different organisations, giving me a great insight into what is of most interest to those working directly in the field.

I work hard with my Board colleagues to ensure that the sessions we bring to Fundraising Convention feel relevant and inspiring to fundraisers, regardless of the size of their organisation or their cause area. I bring a pragmatic approach, and am always keen to work with our speakers to shape their sessions and ensure that there are practical learnings to take away from each and every session.

 3. What are you looking forward to about this year’s Fundraising Convention?

I attended my first Fundraising Convention back in 2000 and can’t believe how much the event has changed since then. Every year the conference gets better and better… having reviewed the first draft of the sessions that will be running across the three days, I’m looking forward to hearing from a truly diverse range of fundraising professionals on everything from digital disruption through to authentic leadership.

I think we have our strongest programme ever in the partnerships track; we’ll hear directly from CR professionals, tackle how to get sponsorship right, and learn how the RNLI turned its procurement process on its head to win a flagship partnership with Helly Hansen… plus lots more. I can’t wait!