Fundraising Convention


3rd – 5th July 2017
The Barbican 

Earlybird ends 21 April

Plenary Speakers

Wednesday 5th July

Kanya King

Kanya KingKanya King MBE is living proof of the old adage that a genuine leader molds rather than seeks consensus. An internationally renowned entrepreneur through her role as CEO, founder, and visionary, of the MOBO Awards, Kanya has displayed the rare drive and ambition needed to help take black music from the margins of British popular culture, made by disenfranchised artists, to the heart of the mainstream culture in the UK and around the world.

Since the organisation’s inception in 1996, Kanya has built MOBO into a globally respected brand,  that engages with business and political leaders and allies with cultural icons and creative visionaries. With Kanya’s expert guidance, the MOBO organisation has established itself as a champion of diversity, inclusion and recognition for BME talent within music, culture, arts, fashion, media and larger society as a whole.

Always an innovator, Kanya sees obstacles as opportunities and has had a lot of practice at persuading people to come around to her way of thinking. This exciting keynote session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to push forward your next great idea for your charity.


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