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Building big digital movements

When & Where

16:30 - 17:30, Tuesday 3rd July 2018



Fundraising in the UK is changing rapidly. Increased regulation, press scrutiny, and changing audience behaviours and expectations mean charities need to innovate rapidly.

The Trump, Clinton, Sanders and Corbyn campaigns raised millions and mobilised communities like never before - all with digital at the core.

Paul de Gregorio will explain the scale of the challenges facing the sector, and why fusing community building, digital engagement and fundraising could be transformational for UK charities.

Kenneth Pennington, central to the 2016 campaign to secure Bernie Sanders as the Democrats’ presidential candidate, will give a fascinating insight into a campaign that raised over $230 million and delivered over 81 million volunteer phone calls.

This session will give you the principles you need to deliver your own success as well as the inspiration to get started.