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M+R Benchmarks - what we can learn from 13 years of digital data

When & Where

9:15 - 10:15, Tuesday 2nd July 2019
Barbican Hall




Matt Derby



The M+R Benchmarks have been running across North American giving for well over a decade. In this time they've collected millions of data points from hundreds of charities.

It’s a lot of information, and each tiny piece adds a little more clarity to the trends that shape nonprofit digital programs. The averages tell us how nonprofits are approaching digital supporter engagement, and how those supporters are responding. And the outliers tell us where we might be going (or not...sometimes things are just weird).

This session will help us dissect tried-and-trusted tactics under a microscope to see what makes them tick, and ensure our telescopes are pointed in the right direction to spy the approaching developments that are already impacting our work.