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Untapped - the latest chapter in the Wateraid journey

When & Where

15:15 - 16:00, Monday 1st July 2019
Barbican Hall




Mike Colling , Marcus Missen


> Advanced practitioners and leadership

Since 2014 WaterAid have been on a journey to change their strategy from one that simply seeks donations to one that aspires to create engagement with, and value for, supporters.

The strategy can best be evidenced in a series of focussed campaigns. The latest of these “Untapped” empowered the inhabitants of Tombohuan in Sierra Leone to speak for the global community who lack access to clean water and sanitation. The community created their own content. WaterAid enabled supporters to explore this through a series of apps, chatbots and digital tools.

The appeal raised £8,200,000 and recruited 20,000 new donors. The fundraising model employed by most charities is broken. For decades we have relied on the patience of donors to respond to appeal after appeal whilst we deploy the same messages in the same channels. The innate conservatism of the fundraising profession has made it its own worst enemy.

The engagement model philosophy of WaterAid is an ambition to create value for all supporters, before we ask for their money. Untapped is the latest, and most successful in a series of campaigns that have run from 2014 to date.

We believe the lessons we have learned are not specific to WaterAid, nor to the development sector, but should be relevant to all fundraisers. We offer this session as a contribution to the debate “what next for fundraising?"